Laravel Nova Future Trends

In one of my projects I use Laravel Nova, for a beautifully-designed administration panel. It includes a very easy to use way to generate graphs in various formats such as Trends.

One feature that I needed but was missing was generating the graph with future dates. In a project I am working on, we have the concept of “Scheduled Messages”. For each day there is a list of scheduled messages which are essentially database records. The requirement we had was a simple graph showing the messages that they will be sent for each day of the month.

This is where Laravel Nova Future Trend package comes to play.

The package introduces minimal changes to the core Laravel Nova Trend in order to facilitate for the new range calculations. The only thing you need to do is extend the Chrysanthos\LaravelNovaFutureTrend\FutureTrend class instead of the default Trend class provided by Nova.

If you are looking for a way to generate future trends for Laravel Nova, give this package a go.

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